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[Watch] Star Trek Into Darkness Online - Download Full

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online. One of these familiar faces is John Cho as helmsman and fencing expert Hikaru Sulu. Though Cho doesn’t go into much detail about his character beyond describing the “muscle memory” of sitting down in the pilot’s chair once again, he does elaborate a little on the tone and scope of the film, describing it as “Star Trek at its best.” As well as the new recruits to the rebooted franchise, a lot of old crewmembers (though they’re only “old” in a figurative sense) are also returning for Star Trek Into Darkness. Set for release in summer of 2013, Star Trek Into Darkness is self-described as an explosive action thriller.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online. Directed by J.J. Abrams, the sequel to his 2009 movie Star Trek begins with a shocking act of terrorism, committed by someone from within Starfleet. In the wake of this act, the Enterprise is called back to Earth where Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) will defy regulations to lead his crew on a manhunt to capture those responsible.

That man may be John Harrison, played by Benedict Cumberbatch and described as “an unstoppable force of destruction”.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online. As the Enterprise crew warps into the middle of a life or death chess game, their friendships will be sundered, love will be tested, and sacrifices may have to be made in order for James T. Kirk to protect the only family he has left: the members of his crew.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online. Early on in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’, a stressed-out Jim Kirk says, “I have no idea what I am supposed to do, I only know what I can do.” That line clearly emulates JJ Abrams’ state of mine stepping into this film, because while the 2009 movie boldly went where no man had gone before, the second one timidly goes where most sequels have gone before.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online. Riddled with gigantic lapses in logic, blockbuster cliches, feeble characterisation and terrible 3D, ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ is a singularly inert action movie that neither depends on the first film nor makes you wait for the (inevitable) next one. It’s a standalone chunk of CGI demo that seems to have recycled ideas that were rejected back in 2009.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online. Lack of logic is not uncommon with writer Damon Lindelof attached to a project, but this time the problems are even more jarring because of Benedict Cumberbact, who is an awesome, badass villain with a commanding presence, but one who delivers his lines with extreme, committed seriousness through all the specious tomfoolery on display.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online. Cumberbatch’s character hurls a searing, moving monologue, tops that by promising to walk over the heroes’ cold corpses, then proceeds to execute a grand plan that has the reasoning and threat level of a five- year-old folding his arms and holding his breath till he gets his candy. Abrams repeatedly tries to pad up the character’s lack of backstory and motives with action scenes and is less successful with every subsequent such attempt.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online. The sequel picks up an unknown amount of time post the first film, Kirk (Chris Pine, still sleeping with attractive aliens) saves Spock’s life but gets a demotion after he breaks rules by exposing an ancient civilization to superior technology. Spock (Zachary Quinto) being a half Vulcan is unable to place the value of friendship over company’s orders. Soon enough, the team of Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Scotty, Bones, Sulu and Chekov is assembled to catch a mysterious man named John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) who blows up buildings and attacks the Starfleet headquarters.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online. Once the mission kicks off, it’s familiar territory for fans of both the series and the previous film — the bickering bromance between Kirk and Spock is still fun and Abrams paces the movie with the same battering ram urgency as before. The film seems burdened with its own title and Abrams falters every single time the film chooses darkness over the light comedic tone that we saw and loved in the original film. And despite knowing that camaraderie between the Enterprise crew was what made the original film so good, Abrams gives the others very little screen time, and instead introduces Alice Eve, a crushingly bad actress who exists in the film just to pose in lingerie.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online. The time travel maguffin from the previous film is reused here, but in a frustratingly clumsy manner. Abrams even throws in the ridiculously cliched plot point of the villain deliberately being captured to execute his plan. An intergalactic chase scene at Klingon was clearly added to ‘add more action’, because the journey to Klingon makes no sense. Worse, the action set piece in grand finale is muted letdown, much less epic in scope and execution (and logic) than the ones preceding it. All this is disappointing, coming from someone who shook up the tentpole sci-fi landscape and in three short years turned from cult favourite to geek god to household name.

The first reviews of Star Trek Into Darkness are starting to come in, and if you liked the first film then you’ll be relieved to hear that it it doesn’t look like the quality has dropped in the next chapter. The second film in the potential trilogy sees Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise chasing down a terrorist from within their own organization after he launches a devastating attack on London.

With the advance IMAX screenings and general release of Star Trek Into Darkness only days away, Paramount has released four new character featurettes, combining clips from the movie and interviews with Alice Eve and John Cho, who play Dr Carol Marcus and Hikaru Sulu, respectively, along with Simon Pegg on Scotty and Chris Pine on Kirk.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online Free Star Trek Into Darkness sees Alice Eve join the Enterprise crew in opposition to Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain John Harrison, quite a change from their Starter for Ten roles as University Challenge teammates. As the first of these featurettes demonstrates, however, Eve has also put her slightly airheaded drama student persona behind her and is now playing a whip-smart science officer who has a noticeable rivalry with Spock, infringing not only on his hierarchical rung within the Enterprise, but also on his bromance with Kirk.

Notice how Carol deliberately sits down directly between Kirk and Spock after being welcomed aboard. There’s nothing like a little friction to warm things up during a manhunt, though for Spock things are probably hot enough already. Fans of the original series will likely already be asking questions about just how far the potential romance between Kirk and Carol will go, and what it might mean for future sequels.

From the science officer to the pilot and on to the engineer: next up is Simon Pegg as Scotty, seen in his own featurette sporting a rather interesting example of futuristic fashion and socialising with an unidentified alien at a club. Pegg describes the uniqueness of the formal-cut-honest relationship that Scotty has with Kirk and gushes about how action-packed the film is, summing it up as, “everything I would want to see in a Star Trek film, as a Star Trek fan.”

Finally, Chris Pine and director J.J. Abrams drop in to comment on Kirk, the film’s central protagonist and leader of the charge against John Harrison. This featurette is interesting, because Pine admits that Kirk’s character arc in Star Strek Into Darkness is not only a continuation but also a partial reiteration of his journey in 2009′s Star Trek. Once again, Kirk finds himself struggling with his desire to go his own way rather than adhere to protocol and higher authorities, and is trying to fully earn his Captain title after being granted it at the end of the last film.

One of the pitfalls is simply retreading old ground with the character, but since Kirk is now in a very different position to the one that he held in Star Trek, it could be interesting seeing him try to adapt his cowboy style when tasked with official leadership of the Enterprise crew.

The players are assembled, and now it’s time for the game. Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online The trailers that have been released so far, and the hints dropped by the cast and creative team, all suggest that the stakes are going to be very high for this latest outing, and with a villain so hell-bent on the destruction of Starfleet there may be a lot of pieces to pick up by the time it’s all over.

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